The Ultimate Windows Tip

I promise, this tip will make you healthier, wealthier and wiser!

Double-click! First, let’s see how to disable it.

In the control panel, double-click the file explorer options.

Then, select single-click.

So why would this tip make you healthier?
Repetitive movements will cause pain in nerves, muscles, and tendons. Thus by switching to a single-click, you will reduce the number of clicks which lowers the unnecessary double-click.

So Why would this tip make you wealthier?
Well, a computer mouse has theoretically 2 million clicks. So you extend the lifespan of the mouse by clicking less. Thus you keep your mouse longer.

So why would this tip make you wiser?
If you have been double-clicking, Now you know why not too.

You might not feel comfortable at first, but give it a try for a week and unveil the benefits.



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