The Impact of YouTubers on Real Talent in Companies

Mansoor Aldosari
1 min readMay 3, 2024
Photo by Skye Studios on Unsplash

In today’s digital age, the contrast between established companies and self-proclaimed YouTubers is stark. Companies house genuine talent — dedicated individuals contributing their skills to meaningful projects. On the other hand, many YouTubers attain fame through self-proclamation and cultivate cult-like followings.

The danger arises when a YouTuber’s negative review or criticism jeopardizes the hard work of talented engineers and creators within companies. This phenomenon underscores the power and responsibility wielded by online influencers. While companies invest in tangible expertise and innovation, the influence of YouTubers can sway public perception with far-reaching consequences.

In this dynamic landscape, the clash between traditional structures and digital influence prompts reflection on the true value of talent and the importance of thoughtful, constructive content creation in shaping perceptions and driving progress.

What steps can companies and digital influencers take to ensure responsible and fair representation of talent and innovation in the digital realm?