Simpson’s Paradox

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Keto has changed my life in many different ways. Today, I am not in ketosis (a state where your blood ketones reach a threshold). However, I have been in ketosis for years.

Anecdotally, many follow the keto diet to lose weight.What if I told you that it does not make you lose weight, but the rate of losing weight on keto is high!

What is keto?
Keto is a high-fat, moderate-protein diet. Unlike carbohydrates, fat stays in your gut considerably longer than do carbohydrates, which results in a state of satiety, and as a consequence, you eat less.

So, you may ask, where is the paradox?
Correlation doesn’t imply causation. Losing weight on keto is not due to ketosis, but the results come from the energy balance (calories-in, calories-out).

Limiting calories is what influences the results. This factor is known as a confounding variable in statistics. Therefore, Losing weight on keto is due to consuming fewer calories.

Let food be thy medicine.




Reject the null hypothesis

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Mansoor Aldosari

Mansoor Aldosari

Reject the null hypothesis

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